Breezergy Wind Turbines:

Breezergy is the first affordable small wind turbine for everybody. Whereever  you need energy for batteries, heating or even grid inverting you can harness the power of wind to generate free electricity. With our patented metal-blade technology Breezergy has revolutionized the way turbine blades are build.

What is Breezergy?

Breezergy is a micro wind turbine with a rotor of just 6.2 ft diameter at a weight of only 66 lb allowing you to mount it anywhere you need energy. All components are build to last and utilize latest manufacturing technologies for best possible performance.

Why choose Breezergy?

First off: the pricing. You just won´t find any turbine on the planet coming close to 549$ for  1,000 Watts power.

On the other hand we all know that the price is not the whole story  - a turbine has to withstand storms time and time again, it has to cope with UV radiation and salt etc.. Now, while a colored plastic rotor and nacelle might be nice to look at for some  time, they will embrittle and disintegrate over time. That´s why, unless someone wants to use expensive GRP/CRP parts, cast aluminium and  metal parts fit best for a turbine that is really build to last. And this is exactly what Breezergy is made of: aluminum and steel.

What will it cost?

When desigigning Breezergy we found that today windturbines are still way to expensive to find broad use. A typical small wind turbine today costs 2000+ $/kW!

With Breezergy this is going to change. Using proven technology, modern neodymium magnets and patented metal blades the Breezergy will come without expensive specials but provide the best possible quality and durability. A Breezergy will be available at 549$ excl. shipment and tax. A Breezergy will be affordable for everyone!



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