Get rid of expensive electricity providers or generators and fuel to meet your power demands. Save carbon emmissions and make yourself more independent from energy companies and possible blackouts.

Or power your off-grid applications harnessing the power of wind. With wind and sun you need way less batteries than with solar power alone - wind and sun mix up just perfectly. Whenever you have bad weather your turbine will most likely produce energy while in sunny weather your PV will generate electricity.





Breezergy Specification

Rotor Diameter

6.2 ft (1,90m)


66 lb (30 kg)

Swept Area

30,14 ft² (2,8 m²)


3, aerospace grade aluminum

Operating Temperature

-40°F - 122°F (-40°C - 50°C)

Max. Power

1000 W


48 V, 3 phase AC

Cut-in Windspeed

7 mph (3 m/s)

Rated Windspeed

33.6 mph (15 m/s)

Survival Windspeed

89.5 mph (40 m/s)

US Patented Technology, Pub.No.: US 2012/0177502 A1

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